Top Paying Ship Building Jobs: Marine Machinist

Earlier this month, we took at a look at the top paying jobs in the shipbuilding industry. Today, we want to drill down at one of the positions so you can get a better understanding of what a marine machinist does day to day within a shipyard setting. There will always be things to better understanding about any particular career path, including the experience and education necessary for success. Before you start your hunt for a job as a marine machinist, what are the most essential things for you to know? Here are some things to consider.

  • What does a marine machinist do?
    While the position generally falls under the broader category of industrial machine mechanics, to have a career within a shipyard will require experience in the marine industry. This role is responsible for repairing, installing, and maintaining industrial machinery and equipment.
  • What kind of experience do you need?
    First and foremost, you’ll need experience within a shipyard to progress to a position as a marine machinist. But there is more involved as well. You will also need education and certification industrial machining. Mechanical and mathematical skills are essential along with strong dexterity and good coordination.
  • What is the general salary range?
    The specific salary range will depend on the level of the position as well as the exact location of employment. But nationally, it appears that the average annual salary for an experienced marine machinist is around $48,000 annually. We recommend you review a website like when applying for jobs to determine the salary range in your area.
  • How to find a marine machinist job.
    If you have machinist experience but want to get shipyard experience, you may need to accept a more entry level job to start with. Or if you have marine experience and have recently completed an educational program in industrial machine mechanics, you’ll have a different entry point. In any case, working with a recruiter specializing in shipyard jobs will help you land your next position.

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