Understanding The Hiring Process

Every company has a different set of procedures when it comes to hiring new shipyard employees. So how can you know what to expect every time you submit your resume to an open position? There are a few things you can keep in mind as you navigate the process. Here are some tips to better understanding the hiring process along the way.

  • Follow the instructions. Whenever you’re applying for an open position, the first step is to review the job posting in its entirety. You want to follow all instructions in the listing closely. These instructions are often included as an initial screening test to ensure that the applicants can follow directions and are detail oriented, important traits for the ship building industry.
  • Follow up on your application. Once you’ve submitted your application, don’t hesitate to follow up. Within a week or two of sending your resume or completing an online application process, send an email or leave a voice mail message confirming it was received and asking about the next steps in the process. But understand that there is a fine line between following up and pestering, so don’t overdo it either.
  • Ask questions. If you are asked to come in for an interview, be sure to ask any questions about aspects of the process for which you may be unclear. It’s better that you fully understand every step than just assume it will work out. If you’re uncertain about something, ask the question for clarification. This is also a trait that shipyard managers look for in employees, so it will start the relationship off on the right foot.
  • Partner with a staffing agency. Another method of applying for open marine industry positions is to work with a recruiter specializing in shipyard placements. They will be able to submit your resume to open positions and facilitate the introduction process. They’ll provide all the details on interviewing and even help with the onboarding process when you start your new job.

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