Widespread 5G’s Effect On the Manufacturing Process

It’s been rumored for a very long time, but it’s finally becoming a reality. 5G is replacing the 4G LTE connections we’ve relied on for so long with our mobile technology. It’s the next generation, which is not surprising in a world where technology continues to grow at breakneck speed. And it’s been teased for a while now, so the industry is prepared for these changes. But with this newer, faster way to access data, what does that mean for manufacturing? Here are some things to consider in your shipyard.

  • Smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. 5G is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution, but it might not happen in the way we imagine. It is currently defined as incorporating a lot of smart manufacturing that looks lie fully integrated and collaborative systems for manufacturing that respond directly to demands, conditions, and customers.
  • Hiring to fill the technology skills gap. Companies transiting to 5G will need to make sure that their workforce is up to date with the use of current technologies. While the data access itself may not be the driving force, the increased reliance on smart technology means employees will need to understand their place in the process a little differently.
  • Increased used of augmented technology. One of the biggest changes will be augmented reality software. Like virtual reality, augmented reality allows you to see things that aren’t there. In this case, as an overlay in the real world. Imagine being able to repair ships while being able to see how the pieces should fit together in real time.
  • Industry specific processes. Of course, widespread use of 5G and the onset of the fourth industrial revolution will look different across each specialized industry. For the marine industry, this may begin with smart technology for fabrication and repair. Shipyards should spend time researching and understanding how this will impact them over time. It may take some time for the industry to catch up with the changes, but it will also be a critical component to continued success.

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