April Showers Bring….New Job Opportunities!

We’re already past April Fool’s Day, so we can assure you this post is no joke. But April is known for much more than just pranks. Along the Gulf Coast, we don’t get the worst of winter, but for most of the county April heralds the return of spring as the snow melts and the flowers start to emerge. There isn’t snow, but the Gulf Coast is coated with a thick cloud of yellow-green pollen in April. We are all grateful when the rain blows through and mutes it just a little. But April showers can bring more than just an end to our sniffling and sneezing. Is now a good time to find a new job? It is, and here’s how.


Review Your Calendar

Looking for a new job should have a roughly organized schedule that can help you stay on track. It’s easy to get caught up in other things or not review your time when you’re not working, but it could make all the difference.

Take a look at your calendar. How much time are you spending each day applying to new jobs? When do you follow up with job applications? Do you network in the community? Have you registered with any agencies specializing in shipyard placements?


Get Out and Network

If you’re looking for a job, make sure you let people know. You never know where you next job opportunity will come from, but it could be right around the corner. Talk to everyone you know about what you want in your next job.

But also target industry events or events that tangentially work with your industry. Talk to employers, other manufacturers and fabricators, and staffing agencies.


Stay In and Network

Of course, networking has evolved and with today’s digitally connected world you don’t have to leave your home to connect with people. Don’t replace in person networking with online networking, but supplement it.

Review companies on Facebook and LinkedIn. Connect with people and complete your professional profiles. Many companies post their jobs on social media first.


Update Your Resume

Finally, take some time to review your resume and make sure it’s in the best shape to find the right shipyard position for you. Have you updated your accomplishments lately? Do you include any new training or experience you’ve had since you last updated it?

You also want to take a minute to customize a resume each time you send out your application. Companies want to know why you want to work for them, not just for any company.

Are you looking for your next job? Contact the recruiters at Hutco today.