Should You Be Wearing Contacts While Welding?

Anyone who wears contacts understands the challenges of poor vision. But is it safe to wear your contacts while welding? In many cases, there are jobs that can’t be done when you wear contacts and it’s preferable to wear glasses, safety glasses or goggles. But welding is not one of those jobs. It’s safe to weld while wearing contacts, but there are some considerations you can make to maximize your eye safety while working.  

Myths of Wearing Contacts While Welding 

The primary concern people have about welding while wearing contact lenses is the high heat of the process can “fuse” your lenses to your eyes.  

This is simply a myth. There is no danger of this happening if you wear contact lenses while welding.  

Wear Safety Glasses 

While it is completely safe to weld while wearing your contact lenses, know that contacts don’t protect your eyes. Even while wearing a shield, you may also want to wear safety glasses.  

There are many kinds of glasses on the market, so determine what works best for your specific work and comfort levels.  

Always Wear Your Contacts if You Need Them to Improve Your Vision 

If you need corrective lenses to see the work you’re doing, don’t avoid putting them in. It’s far more dangerous to do the work of welding without your contacts than it is to assume you need to leave them off.  

Alternately, if you have them, you can also wear prescription glasses. But it is perfectly safe to wear contacts while welding.  

Use All Appropriate Protective Gear 

Contact lenses, and prescription glasses, are not safety gear. When you’re welding, don’t avoid the use of any safety equipment. It’s imperative when you’re on the job to wear the right clothing, use the right gloves, and wear a mask or shield.  

With or without contact lenses, the most important thing you can do when welding in a shipyard is follow all the necessary safety protocols 


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