How Engaged Are You With Your Job?

Burnout is real, and it affects people in all kinds of jobs, including at a shipyard. How engaged do you feel with your job right now? Do you think there are things you would rather be doing? Do you slack off in your work because you’re just not feeling it? Or are you interested in learning new things that can take your career to the next level? How do you gauge your engagement? Here are a few things to consider.  


Refocus on What You Love 

There is a reason you decided to find a job in shipbuilding. It’s time to remember why you started down this career path. What do you love about it?  

When you reconnect to your reasons why, you can find the joy in what you’re doing again. That can help you refocus your career path to ensure you’re doing the right thing.  

Take a Break 

It’s okay to take a break. When you work on a temporary basis, this process is even easier. Talk to your staffing agency about needing to end your current assignment and you’ll be back and ready to work again in a month or so.  

Taking breaks to recharge is essential, and not enough employees use their vacation time. Don’t be afraid to step away for a while.  

Change Your Routine 

Combatting burnout may be as simple as changing up your daily routine. Even before you get to the shipyard for your shift, what do you do every day? Maybe you should add a workout routine into your day.  

You can also shift things around in the workplace as long as it doesn’t affect your productivity and efficiency. Doing something different at different times of the day can help you focus.  

Talk to Your Supervisor 

Maybe there are other things you can do on the job that will help reinvigorate you and keep you engaged and happy. Talk to your supervisor about new things you can take on or shifting into a new role.  

Your supervisor may be able to make adjustments or move you into a new role, which can be helpful for the department and shipyard productivity as a whole.  

Start Looking 

Of course, sometimes career burnout can’t be solved with these fixes. It takes something much more drastic to course correct in your job. It may be time to start looking for something new.  

One of the best ways to do this is to contact a recruiter specializing in shipyard placements to help you find a position better suited to your current situation.  

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