5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Mornings

Not everyone’s a morning person and that’s okay. But if you’re not, how do you learn to jumpstart your mornings to give you the energy you need to face the day? If you’re not up to greet the sun every morning, it’s helpful to have some tools available to start your morning right. Check out these tips.    


Sleep Routine  

Every good morning starts with a good night’s sleep. Enough restful sleep can help you stay focused to give you the energy you need to excel at your shipyard job. Create a regular sleep routine to have better mornings. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. Avoid screens like your phone or TV a half an hour before your bedtime.   

Make sure you have a comfortable sleeping environment, too. A dark and cool bedroom is more conducive to better sleep.   


Make a Schedule  

A productive day starts with knowing what you need to accomplish. Every day, either in the morning or before you leave work for the next day, create a schedule so you know what you need to accomplish. This will help you stay on track as you start your morning.   

Some people like the gratification that comes with writing their schedule on a paper calendar. When you accomplish a task from your list, cross it off. This simple motivational trick can keep you engaged.    

Exercise Regularly  

Exercising every day sounds like a luxury. And when you have a physical active job, you may think about forgoing this step. But even a few minutes can help boost your energy. Go for a short walk in the morning or visit the gym for just 20 minutes on an exercise bike.   

We understand that when something feels like a chore, we’re not likely to do it. But it will boost your energy and keep you going in the morning.   

Cold Showers  

This advice may sound out there, but it works. While a hot luxurious shower sounds like a treat, there is evidence to suggest a cold shower will give you more energy in the morning. Maybe you take your shower at night. That’s still fine but hop in a cold shower for just 5 minutes in the morning for an energy boost.   

If you prefer to take your shower in the morning, end your shower with a shock of cold water for 5 minutes. It’ll wake you up.   

Good Food  

You should also start your morning with a healthy breakfast. Maybe you just grab something quick and easy or you skip the meal altogether, but scientific evidence shows that eating a good protein-packed breakfast gives you fuel for the day.   

Create a plan to help you choose healthy foods for breakfast. This will boost your brainpower and get you started on the right foot.   


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