Teamwork and the Impact on Production Results

teamwork and impact

Your shipyard needs to always operate like a well-oiled machine. The final product, and your clients’ satisfaction, hinges on it. As you continuously improve your operations, track performance metrics, and adhere to safety protocol, it’s essential to consider another aspect of your shipyard: teamwork. Teamwork is essential in almost everything we do, including production. Here’s why.

Shared Vision and Values

For everyone to buy into the long-term goals of your company, you need to instill a shared vision and values. This can be present in your company’s mission statement. And it should be reinforced through your company brand and every process and procedure you create.

Facilitate Improved Communication

Communication is also critical to make sure that your team works well together and produces results that ultimately benefit the client. Improvements in communication should start at the top. Make sure management is effectively communicating with everyone on the team, including constructive feedback and gratitude.

Evaluate Employee Satisfaction

Employee engagement is also essential for improved teamwork. If your employees are unhappy with their work, it will be reflected in their productivity as well as their interactions with coworkers. Gauge employee satisfaction regularly by merely asking or providing employee surveys.

Managing Team Goals

While you will have overarching company goals and values, it’s also important to break goals down by teams. For example, your welders will have a different set of goals and performance metrics than your riggers. Each team leader or supervisor should be able to communicate the team goals and regularly motivate employees.

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