The Shipbuilding Careers That Come with Opportunities

shipbuilding opportunities

The Marine industry is an exciting one. The idea of working closely with the ocean and large ships is intoxicating. If you love working with your hands and seeing the final product grow before your eyes, shipbuilding is a great career choice. But how do you know if you’re on the right path? Here are some shipbuilding careers that come with opportunities for the future.

Structural Fabrication

The backbone of any shipbuilding operation, structural fabricators will always have opportunities in the industry. They create the parts that make up a ship from bow to stern and everything in between. This role requires technical knowledge and metal fabrication skills. You will also be required to know how to read technical drawings to create the structures.


Any time a large object is moved in a shipyard, that’s the job of the rigger. The will be working with scaffolding and cranes to move large and heavy objects. This role does require certifications and you must bring strong communication skills to the table. Hand signals are often used in communication while moving these large structures.


You may not associate modern shipbuilding to work working but carpenters are still an essential part of the industry. They build important structures such as dock blocks and keel blocks used for dry docking. Carpenters will also create templates that will help the structural fabricators bend metal into shape.

Quality Control

If you want to work within a shipyard environment but the fabrication or heavy lifting isn’t your calling, consider a role in quality control. The quality of the product at every step along the way is critical for a large ship and shipyards rely on quality control professionals to ensure that everything is correct and on track.

Manager or Supervisor

Any of these roles, and more, can lead to a position as a supervisor or manager in the shipyard. Every department will require a good leader with experience in the industry, so you can work your way up to these roles. The supervisor ensures that work is completed effectively and efficiently at every stage.

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