These are the Traits You Need in a Staffing Partner

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Have you considered working with a staffing partner to find talent for your shipyard? Partnering with an agency is an easy way to bring in new hires and quickly onboard them for short- or long-term positions. But how do you know if the agency is providing the best service for your company? Here are a few traits to look for before you start working with a staffing firm.

Clear and Respectful Communication

Transparency is key in working successfully with a staffing partner. But communication isn’t the only important measurement of a good staffing relationship. You also need to feel a sense of connection, that this agency is the team you want to work with. Mutual respect can give you that positive relationship.

A Satisfied Customer Base

You also want to look at their past successes. Ask your agency for references and connect with other employers who have used their services. You want to see other clients who are loyal and enjoy working with the staffing agency team.

Easy to Understand Processes

Your staffing partner should be able to explain to you the process of hiring top talent from start to finish in an easy to understand way. If the process is obscure or difficult to understand, they may not be giving you the entire story. That goes beyond hiring as well. You should understand the process of submitting time, reporting information, and supervising employees on the job.

Good Recruiting Team

Your staffing agency is made up of a team that works with you. There may be a client manager as well as a recruiter, or several, who will work with you every day to ensure you have the right new employees on staff and that your contingent workforce arrives on time and works effectively.

Talent Retention

The true test of staffing quality is in the employees they place. It is in the best interest of the staffing agency to place quality employees on the job as each employee is a reflection of the agency itself. That doesn’t mean problems don’t happen, but the next measure is how your staffing partner deals with these kinds of setbacks.

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