Common Safety Hazards to Be Aware of in an Industrial Environment

Common Safety Hazards

Safety is always important in manufacturing environments, whether you’re the employee or the employer. The added challenges of working within a shipyard mean safety needs to be a top priority. There are common safety hazards worth understanding as you’re looking for your next job. Here are the most common safety hazards you need to remain aware of in your industrial environment. When you know what you’re working with, you can interview and impress a potential employer with your dedication to safety in the workplace.

Trips, Slips, or Falls

Regardless of the environment, falls tend to be the most common cause of workplace injuries. When you add to that the hazards involved in shipbuilding, including water and heights, there may be more risk of slips, trips, or falls. If you’re looking for a shipyard job, it’s essential to understand how to prevent injuries due to falls.

Moving Vehicles

Any industrial environment, including a shipyard, will have working vehicles on-premise. You may be working around anything from a forklift to a crane. When you’re looking for a job, be sure that you take into consideration the dangers of working around these vehicles and how to mitigate your risk.


Electrical hazards are also a common issue. Add to that the tight spaces or water and electricity in a shipyard can have added challenges. Even if your job doesn’t specifically work with electrical systems, you may be impacted by them regularly. Understand how to avoid electrical hazards on the job by using the right safety equipment around hazards.


With fabrication, you may be working with a number of machines. You must always follow proper safety protocol when starting them up, working with them, or shutting them down. Any mistakes could cause serious injury or even death.

Of course, these aren’t the only possible hazards in a shipyard environment. That’s why safety should be important to you as you search for your next job. That’s also why you need to communicate your commitment to safety when applying or interviewing for your next marine position.

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