Top Jobs to Consider in the Marine Craftsmen Industry

top jobs to consider in marine craftsmen

The marine industry is a fun and exciting challenge for craftsmen and women. If you’re looking for a new job in the marine industry, there are several avenues open to you. Here are a few of the top skilled trade jobs for marine craftsmen and women throughout our area.


Marine Electrician

The shipbuilding industry is always looking for skilled electricians. Becoming an electrician begins with classes and apprenticeships, but once you’ve reached a professional level of expertise, the sky’s the limit. It’s helpful to have shipyard experience, but some shipyards are willing to bring in skilled tradespeople to learn on the job. Marine electricians have to be okay working in tight spaces and understand safety protocol in terms of water.


Marine Joiner

A marine joiner is a craftsperson familiar with the methods of installing anything within the interior of a ship. This includes things like bulkhead panels, panel tracks, galley equipment, ceilings, and lockers. A marine joiner is even responsible for the installation of tables and bunks. Skills in a shipyard and working with metal will be important in finding a career as a marine joiner.


Marine Welding

A lot of aspects of shipbuilding rely on welding, so welders will always be in high demand. Knowing your way around welding equipment, processes, and safety will give you a leg up in the industry, especially if you’ve ever worked in a shipyard environment in the past. As with other shipyard roles, you need to be conscious of safety and okay with working in small, hot spaces.


Marine Fabrication

Of course, all of the onboard installations couldn’t happen if someone wasn’t making fabricating and assembling the essential parts first. A marine metal fabricator will take structural components, such as pipes, and assemble them into the finished product to be installed on the ship. It’s a role that requires precision, an understanding of blueprints or computer-aided design drawings, and hand tools.


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