Pipefitting 101: What Do I Need to Succeed?

Are you considering a career as a pipefitter in a shipyard? Pipefitters have an essential role in shipbuilding. They use blueprints to assemble the pipes throughout the ship and install them. Pipefitters also maintain the systems once they’re in place. A pipefitter needs to bring certain skills to the table to be successful. If you’re thinking about getting in the game, here are the things to consider to grow your career.

Know Your Way around Welding

Welding is often the backbone of any installation position within a shipyard. You will need to have a background in welding and work on keeping your skills fresh and up to date. In shipyards, welding can be more challenging than in other environments as it’s often done in confined spaces. You need to be okay with small spaces, working around water, familiar with welding tools, and have an understanding of safety in a shipyard.

Understand How to Read Blueprints

This role is reliant on the ship blueprints to ensure that all installations are accurate. You will need to come to the table with the knowledge of how to read blueprints on your very first day as a pipefitter. You will have to use the blueprints to understand how pipes need to be routed and installed. Learning blueprint reading can happen in trade school or if you work as an apprentice.

Be Proficient in Math

There will be several essential calculations you need to do to ensure that measurements and more are correct in your work. The fundamentals of math will be critical to your success. This includes algebra, geometry, and even calculus. Pipefitters use specific formulas, but understanding them will come easier if you already have a math background.

Know the Tools You’ll Need

Professional pipefitters use many tools on the job. They include things such as the pipefitters square, fitter grips, pipe layout tools, and quality control welder’s gauges. But this is just an intro, not an exhaustive list, so you’ll need to obtain the background to understand the tools and when they’re used on the job.

Are you looking for your way into a career as a pipefitter?

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