Irregular Work Schedule? These Tips Will Help You Stay Productive

irregular work schedule

Some careers aren’t standard 9 to 5 jobs. When you’re working an unpredictable schedule, it can become a challenge to stay productive. If you need to create a routine even with alternate work hours, this guide can help you start. It’s common in the marine or manufacturing industries to work alternate or flexible shifts. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay productive even when your work schedule is all over the map.

Create Established Routines

The best thing you can do for your schedule is to create routines about the times you do have control. In this case, it’s the non-work-related part of your day. This can apply to meals, workouts, family time, socializing. You can also establish a routine for when you wake up and go to bed regardless of the time of day.

Create Work Structure

You can also create routines around the work you do, which can help you stay on track even if your schedule is variable. For example, begin each day by reviewing the tasks that need to get done and make a list of priorities. At the end of your workday, spend 15 minutes cleaning up your workspace so you can start fresh when you next return.

Don’t Fight Your Nature

Allow your body to pilot your ship. You have a natural ebb and flow, and you should listen to it. If that means you’re most productive at a particular time of day, try to give yourself the ability to focus on work during those times. Maybe you want to select jobs with non-daytime schedules if you find that you’re a night owl and are more productive when everyone else is asleep.

Supercharge Productivity

There are a few other techniques you can use to tell your brain you’re ready to work.

  • Routines help us more than willpower
  • Reduce decision fatigue
  • Create a flow state to your productivity
  • Manage stress in the workplace
  • Improve work/life balance

Are you ready to tackle a non-traditional work schedule?

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