Include These 4 Skills on Your Shipfitter Resume

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Shipfitters are an essential part of a marine industry crew. They fabricate and layout metal for the ship’s build or repair. This building and maintenance position can include an excellent salary as long as you bring some of the most critical skills to the table. Showcasing your previous experience is helpful, but there are more ways to stand out from your competition. How do you let a potential employer know you’re the right fit for the job? Here are four skills you should highlight on your resume when looking for your next shipfitter job.

1. Comfort with Heights

Possibly the most essential information you can convey on your resume is your comfort level with heights. Shipfitters will utilize several methods to construct a ship, including working safely from heights. Be sure to include the kind of work you’ve done in the past along with the safety training you’ve obtained in previous jobs.

2. Math Skills

Shipfitting is precision work. That means you have to have a mathematical aptitude to succeed in this career. You’ll need basic arithmetic along with algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. This includes the knowledge of these areas as well as how they apply specifically within the shipbuilding industry. On your resume, demonstrate that you have these math skills and how you’ve used them in the past to benefit your career.

3. Mechanical Aptitude

Shipfitters work with every aspect of the ship and need to have the mechanical background to place and install all interior structures, including hatches, bulkheads, doors, and more. You will be working with steel, so a background in mechanical science will be critical for future success. Your resume should show specific projects where your mechanical skills have increased the efficiency or effectiveness of projects for past employees.

4. Ability to Read Blueprints

Every shipfitter needs to understand the ins and outs of a ship without ever setting foot on board. Reading and understanding blueprints so you can piece together the map of the ship will be critical. Blueprints aren’t just maps, though. You need to understand the specific information, measurements, and symbols used within the blueprints.

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