Safeguarding Workers from Falls: Falls from Scaffolds and Ladders

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Did you know, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 30% of deaths in the workplace involve falls from ladders or scaffolding? Within a shipyard environment, accessing heights is a significant part of the production process. So how can you safeguard your employees when working on and around ladders and scaffolds? Here are fall prevention tips you can start using right away.

1. Commit to a Fall Protection Program

Every shipyard needs a fall protection program in place. New employees must receive onboarding that includes a complete safety orientation on general shipyard safety and the requirements on and around ladders and scaffolds. Safety training should be regularly reinforced. And all necessary protocols for fall protection should be followed by everyone at all times.

2. Follow OSHA Guidelines

OSHA also suggests the following guidelines for ladder and scaffold safety:

  • Plan ahead: review the specific work that needs to be completed from a ladder or scaffold and make a plan regarding equipment and tools required.
  • Provide equipment: Employers need to provide the necessary safety equipment for all employees working on and around scaffolds or ladders.
  • Training: Every worker in the shipyard should be trained in the safe setup of ladders and scaffolds and how to recognize hazards on the job.

3. Encourage Employees to Report Issues

Your shipyard should also enforce a policy encouraging employees to say something if they see something. They should feel empowered to report any issues that might impact their safety or coworkers when working on ladders or scaffolds in the shipyard.

4. Check-in Regularly

With all of these systems in place, it’s also essential to check in regularly with your team. Training shouldn’t only be conducted in the initial orientation; employers should periodically reinforce and check in to ensure everyone is comfortable and compliant.

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