How Technology is Changing in the Maritime Industry

tech in maritime industry

Technology has always influenced the maritime industry. From the earliest wooden boats constructed to discover new worlds to ships designed for war, shipbuilding benefits from the latest technology and its long history and tradition. So what technology is becoming essential for changes in the maritime industry this decade? Here are a few things your company should know about and how to prepare for the future.

1. Autonomous Ships

Just like self-driving cars, some ships are now using technology that gives them autonomous control. Autonomous vessels, generally used for cargo at this time, are run entirely without a human crew. Every aspect of the voyage is pre-programmed to provide for high levels of accuracy and efficiency. It’s expected there will be more autonomous ships available soon, with big companies, including Rolls Royce, leading the way in the technology.

2. Remote Operated Vehicles

Similarly, the technology is being developed for remotely operated ships. This means that the ship can be crewless, but someone controls all aspects, including steering and speed. It’s interesting to note here that people with a lot of experience playing video games bring some incredible skills for remote piloting to the table.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI can be used in several applications, including logistics for the shipping industry. Coupled with Blockchain, which creates series of unique identifiers for data, companies can reduce reliance on manual production. Algorithms can predict things such as fuel use and cost. The use of machine learning will also increase the efficiency of every aspect of the shipping industry.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

One exciting use of technology in the maritime industry is through virtual or augmented reality. Several companies and naval fleets around the world are utilizing VR and AR to train employees. This can be used in shipyard environments to showcase how someone might maneuver around a ship for manufacturing or onboard positions before leaving dry land.

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