Management Tips for Your Generation Z Employees to Help Productivity

Just when you were getting used to managing millennials, there’s a new generation in the workplace. The oldest of Generation Z is around 24, and many of them are graduating from college or completing trades school and looking for their first professional opportunity. They’re interested, engaged, and eager to succeed. As a manager, how do you effectively manage this generation in your shipyard? Here are some tips to get you started.

Create Opportunities for Team Bonding

Generation Z, like the generation before them, enjoys working collaboratively. They want to know their coworkers and feel like they can trust the people around them. Create ways to help your team bond together by doing constructive team-building exercises.

Provide Ownership of Their Work

While no one likes a micromanager, GenZ wants to feel ownership over the work they’re doing. They want to be given the instructions and tools they need and complete the job. You can, of course, check in with them regularly but don’t stress over details as long as the work is performed safely and up to spec.

Make a Plan for Career Advancement

Generation Z employees in your shipyard don’t want to feel trapped in one job. They are looking for ways to expand, grow, and improve. Start from the beginning with a plan for career advancement. If they meet milestones, they have opportunities to move into roles with more responsibilities.

Give Access to Technology

More than any other generation before them, GenZ was raised with technology. They don’t know a time without access to smartphones, the internet of things, and even AI or augmented reality. Take advantage of their expertise and incorporate tech to help improve processes in the workplace.

Encourage Stress Management Techniques

It’s also a good idea to help your GenZ employees with their stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Letting these things fester can lead to burnout which creates high turnover. Generation Z likes to have access to assistance for better coping and stress management techniques.

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