Protect Your Shipyard Employees this Winter with These 4 Safety Tips

Protect Your Shipyard Employees this Winter with These 4 Safety Tips Hutco

We may be spoiled with the weather along the gulf coast in wintertime, but even though it’s usually mild, it’s essential to plan for safety, especially around water. Winter can be brutal for shipyard workers in colder areas, and it only takes one cold snap to affect our area. So how can you protect your team this winter? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Encourage Warm Weather Clothing

As winter weather approaches, encourage your team to dress for cold, windy, or wet conditions. Just remember to follow all required safety standards, such as no loose clothing when working with machinery. Let your team know the proper winter dress code as early as possible and provide suggestions for winter weather protection.

Prevent Icy Conditions

When you mix water with cold air, the result can be very slippery. Maintain your high traffic area, such as walkways, decks, and elevated platforms or scaffolding, to keep them free of ice and snow. Shoveling, salting, or other de-icing methods can help your team avoid falls, including falls from dangerous heights.

Provide Safety Training for Winter

Maintaining a consistent safety training schedule is critical when working in a shipyard; it can be helpful to provide additional winter training. Talk about the processes and increased responsibilities for safety. Reinforce compliance to ensure that your team is aware of the dangers of cold weather throughout the winter.

Have a Plan for Inclement Weather

Especially in the south, when snow hits, it can shut down an entire area. You’ll need to have a plan in place if it’s too dangerous for your team to be onsite. Have a plan for communication about severe weather ahead of any emergencies. The determination regarding hazardous winter weather conditions should be similar to other responses from your state or local government.

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