Learn About Different Types of Jobs in the Shipbuilding Industry

Have you considered a career in shipbuilding? There are countless possible opportunities in a high-demand industry that could be a part of your long-term career narrative. If you think an exciting career working around the ocean on the components of ships, the marine industry is an incredible opportunity. But what can you do in a shipyard? Here are a few of the different jobs necessary to keep a shipyard running at peak efficiency.

6 Excellent Jobs in the Shipbuilding Industry


It’s no surprise that welding is one of the top specialized skills in a shipyard. Shipyards use all types of welders, including MIG, TIG, and ARC. Learning welding through a reputable training program will open doors for your future.


Shipbuilding fabricators use technical drawings to fabricate all of the structures used on a ship. Fabricators need to complete apprenticeship programs and become certified. There are advanced roles that rely on engineering techniques, which means there are multiple growth opportunities.


Water is as essential to the interior of a ship as it is to the exterior. Plumbers have an indispensable role in ensuring that all pipes and plumbing on board a vessel are perfect. You’ll need to be knowledgeable about pipe fittings and certified for this kind of work.


Electricians are responsible for ensuring that all electrical cables are run correctly throughout the ship. They handle all electrical equipment, including radar, lighting, control panels, navigation equipment on the bridge, and more.


We’ve come a long way from ships built with wood, but carpenters still have an essential role in shipyards. Building blocks and keel blocks are just as critical to the shipbuilding process as the ship’s components. Working with wood in a shipyard environment is a great way to get started.


Riggers lift, shift, and move heavy and moderate weight structures and scaffolding in the shipyard. They will also know how to operate cranes and the use of hand symbols for safe communication at distances. Riggers become certified for this very critical shipyard job.

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