Are You Looking For Qualified Workers?

The employment market is an interesting place right now. With so many qualified people leaving in The Great Resignation, there is an imbalance between job seekers and job offers. While plenty of people are looking for opportunities, how do you find suitable candidates if they’re not skilled in your specific industry?

Here are a few ways you can find qualified employees for your shipyard.

Educational Background

Different positions will require different levels of education, but it’s essential to keep your baseline in mind. For example, a welder might not need a college degree, but they should have the proper training in welding to accomplish the job at hand. Other positions, such as engineers, will require at least a bachelor’s degree, if not a master’s. Make sure to have these parameters in place before starting the search for candidates.

Previous Experience

While some positions are just fine for entry-level employees without any shipyard experience, others will require more of a specific background. What previous experience is most important for each of your open positions? How many years of experience, along with education, is the minimum?

Technical Skills

Technology is a part of every industry. It’s crucial that your new team members understand and are willing to learn new technology as a part of their jobs. Technical aptitude is far more important than specific technical skills, but both might be essential in the particular position for which you’re hiring.

Company Knowledge

It may not seem obvious, but you also want to look for candidates who have taken the time to research your shipyard and have company knowledge. This demonstrates that they’re willing to put the work in and articulate why working with your company is their goal.

Interpersonal Skills

Soft skills are just as crucial for success in the shipyard as technical skills and experience. You want to hire individuals who have strong interpersonal skills, can communicate with their team and managers, and work together for the shared goals.

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