Here’s What You Need to Know When Evaluating a Job Offer

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Getting a job offer is an incredible accomplishment, but now you have a choice. Do you accept or reject the offer? And how do you evaluate if it’s the right job for you? Ensuring the job is a good fit will be vital for your future.

Here are a few things to consider when you’ve received an offer and how to move forward in your career.

Create a Checklist

The first step is to know what you’re evaluating. Start by making a checklist of all the things you want in a job. Include desired salary, commute time, hours, and anything else that can help you decide. You can evaluate the job offer based on the details when you have your checklist.


Evaluate Your Mindset

Where are you with your job hunt and your current mindset? Many people will accept jobs because they’re tired of looking, which can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction. What is your attitude about your job search, and what can you do to think more positively?


Develop Your Plan

Once you have your checklist and evaluate your mindset, you can objectively review the job offer. Look at the offering and develop a plan to either accept the position or begin negotiations with the potential employer to make the offer a better fit.


Communicate Your Negotiations

Negotiations can be complex, but that’s not a reason to avoid them. You need a good communication strategy to approach the recruiter or employer with your list. It’s okay to meet in the middle, but make sure it’s what you want.


Know When to Say No

There will be some occasions where walking away from the offer is in your best interest. First, know your “walk away” number. What is the lowest you would accept for this work? If they cannot budge on that number, it’s time to walk away. You should also say no if you have significant concerns about the company culture, safety, or workload.


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