Unique Ways to Find New Employees

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With The Great Resignation affecting all industries, it feels like candidates must be readily available. But there are several factors at play. Some are looking for new career paths altogether, some have chosen not to go back to the traditional workplace, and others are making even more significant changes. That puts employers in the unusual position of finding more creative ways to discover new talent.

Here are a few unique ideas you can use starting today.

Social Media Videos

YouTube still reigns supreme when it comes to video content. It’s one of the top searched sites. If you provide video content about your company and culture, you may attract potential candidates who found you on that platform. And don’t forget to use TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook videos.


Use AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has already made its way into the marine industry, but it can also work for your recruiting strategy. Using chatbots to communicate with potential candidates can help you save time and money and give people a great first impression. Chatbots can provide essential details about your company and the application process giving candidates more confidence.


Tap Into Pop Culture

You know that employer branding is essential, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. You want to speak the language of your target audience, so why not tap into pop culture to do that? Compare your workplace to a favorite movie. Use songs in your TikTok videos. Post memes you make specifically referencing your organization.


Revamp Employee Resources

Of course, bells and whistles shouldn’t make up every aspect of your recruitment process. It’s also crucial that you provide a workplace where employees are interested in working. Access to employee resources, including a fair wage, will drive candidates to your door. Think outside of the box by providing flex schedules, access to mental health resources, and other perks employees want.

Work with a Staffing Professional

A recruiter specializing in the marine industry can help you find top talent. Contact Hutco to see how we can help you today.