What Benefits Are Potential Employees Looking For?

Retention is a central talking point among employers right now. The Great Resignation has led many workers in all industries to leave their jobs for new opportunities. What benefits do you need to provide to keep talent or attract new employees?

Here are the things employees want as incentives in their jobs.

Remote Work and Flexible Schedules

Remote work became the norm across many industries during the pandemic, and many companies are continuing to embrace the new schedules. Some industries, such as shipyards, can’t engage in remote work. But flexible schedules can be a more significant incentive to attract shipbuilding talent.


Flexible PTO

Similarly, flexible personal time off can be a big sell for an industry where work needs to be conducted in the workplace. Allowing flexible PTO shows that you trust your employees, which can go a long way to breeding loyalty on the job.


Family Leave

Another extensive conversation is about how to make family leave more inclusive. Maternity and paternity leave tends to be the most talked about, but some people need time off to care for other loved ones in certain situations. Offering family leave for multiple reasons will be a great incentive.


Mental Health Programs

Over the pandemic, we learned that workplace stress and anxiety could lead to more significant health problems. Providing access to mental health programs and prioritizing employee well-being shows that you value your employees and their health.


Career Development

A big driver for workplace satisfaction is career development. Employees want to know that they are an investment, so companies should provide additional training and opportunities for growth and advancement.


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