Important Aspects of Electrical Worker Safety

Industrial, warehouse, marine, and shipyard jobs have their share of safety concerns. Safety is always an essential factor for work in these environments. Understanding the risks and mitigating them is critical for all industrial employers. Electrical work in an industrial setting has its own hazards, especially when adding water into the mix. So how can you keep your electrical workers in your industrial positions?

Here are some simple tips.

Secure Electrical Cords

Unsecured electrical cords can cause multiple issues. They can be tripping hazards, which account for many workplace accidents. Unsecured, they can also be easily damaged, leading to a fire hazard. It’s easy to secure electrical cords to floors or walls with tape.

Regularly Inspect Equipment

It’s common for accidents to occur when electrical equipment isn’t regularly inspected. If you don’t notice a problem, you can’t solve it. By checking this equipment every time it’s used, you have an opportunity to see damage or other issues before they cause an accident. Be sure to inspect cords and connections each time as well.

Train in Electrical Safety

Knowledge is power. Your employees should all be trained on electrical safety. While everyone should have a baseline in electrical safety, employees who work with or around high voltage equipment and exposed wires must have additional training to remain safe. Pay special attention to electrical fire safety.

Pay Attention to Conductive Materials

Your team should also be aware of the use of conductive materials such as mental and avoid them around electricity. Employees should also be trained in using a multi-meter that can determine if wires or metal surfaces are carrying an electrical current.


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