What You Should Know Before Choosing a Maritime Career

Do you dream of working on the open sea? Or a marine-based job such as in a shipyard. There are many potential options for a maritime career, but there are some things you should know before you take this road. Here is a list of the pros and cons you should know before working in a maritime job.

There’s a Lot of Competition

Know that there is a lot of competition for jobs in the marine industry, especially on board a vessel. You’ll need to be patient, so it pays to work with a staffing agency specializing in maritime placements. Continue to hone your skills and stay on top of things, and you’ll have a good chance of landing a great job.

The Work is Physical

Working in a shipyard or on a ship is a physically demanding job. You will need to be in good physical shape and be able to handle the demands of the position. It can also be uncomfortable, often wet and cold. And you’ll be using dangerous equipment often in challenging environments.

You’ll Need to Pass the Health Checks

You may think that you can’t work on a ship if you wear glasses or can’t swim. Those things aren’t deal-breakers. It’s vital that you pass your health check before accepting an assignment onboard. You’ll need to meet the job requirements, but check what they are before you decide you can’t do it.

It Can be a Lonely Job

Working on a ship can be lonely. Not everyone will be able to take their family with them, and it could be months when you’re away from home. It’s essential to maintain social connections both with the people on board and with your friends and family back home.

There’s Good Money

Maritime jobs do pay well. The same pay range will depend on the job and your specialization. It can be helpful to start with an entry-level job at a shipyard to gain experience working around vessels and the marine environment. Working with a recruiter can also help you get a reasonable rate for your next position.


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