Tips On Becoming A Better Manager

Common Safety Hazards

Managers can make all the difference in a shipyard or marine environment. Creating a sound management culture for your team will motivate them and increase production and satisfaction. So how can you become a better marine manager? Here is some advice to improve your leadership skills.


Cultivate Leadership Skills

You don’t necessarily need to be a manager to have leadership skills, but you’ll need leadership skills to be an effective manager. Leadership is all about empowering your team. You want to delegate tasks based on the performance and aptitude of each employee. Avoid micromanagement or a “do it yourself” attitude.


Improve Communication

It’s essential that you communicate effectively. Be transparent with your team, share new details as soon as you have them, and communicate clearly. This is true whether you can share details in a face-to-face meeting, via email, text, or over the phone.


Develop Problem Solving Skills

When mistakes happen, what’s most important is handling them in the aftermath. You’re there to guide your team and help them with problem-solving skills to empower them to take control of the situation and make the necessary adjustment.


Be More Inclusive

Good managers always keep diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind. When managers play favorites or allow unconscious bias to affect their decision-making, they risk excluding team members. You want to be fair and equitable when working with all of your employees.


Give and Receive Feedback

While giving feedback is an essential part of management, it’s also imperative that you’re able to accept input from your team as well. And when you receive feedback, be sure to make an action item to improve circumstances or make necessary changes.


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