Why You Should Be Recruiting More Women to Work in the Maritime Industry

There is no better time than the present to focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity in your maritime workplace. While the jobs are often associated with men, women have a long and rich history in marine industry jobs. Why should you be focusing your hiring efforts on recruiting more women to work for you?

Here are some reasons you should target more women as you recruit for open positions.


Engage Young Women

The time to start engaging women in the marine industry is at an early age. Promote education in schools that apply to the marine industry, especially STEM programs. Sponsor clubs or other activities to engage girls as early as elementary school in things that can lead to maritime careers.


Conduct Outreach with Women in the Community

Actively reach out to women in your community who may be looking for general labor jobs. Gaining an entry-level role in a high-growth industry can lead to long-term benefits for women interested in marine-based jobs.


Promote Maritime as an Alternative to 4-Year College Paths

Not everyone is interested in pursuing a four-year college degree. That’s okay, and alternatives should be considered. Reach out to high schools and trade schools to actively recruit women seeking careers outside university education.


Work with Your Current Female Staff

Your current team is an excellent resource for finding more talent. Talk to the women currently working in your shipyard to develop an outreach program. Invite them to refer other women with similar skills and potential. Create a referral bonus program.


Work with a Staffing Partner

Partnering with a staffing agency specializing in marine placements can also help you increase your gender diversity in the workplace. They will source and submit the top candidates with an eye toward equity and inclusion for women in the marine industry.


Are you ready to hire more women in your shipyard? Contact Hutco to see how we can help today.