Are You Focusing too much on a Candidate’s Resume?

How exactly are you supposed to know if a candidate is a good fit for your open job? Sure, you can read their resume, but that only opens the door; it doesn’t give you the whole picture. It’s more than just previous experience that makes a great employee. You want to look for loyalty, integrity, and innovation. There may be no such thing as a perfect resume, so how do you uncover those great candidates?


Requirements Suppress Potential

Necessary skills are, in fact, necessary. But what if you put too much emphasis on the must-have skills and not enough on their potential? People come to success in many ways, and you might miss out on top talent if you make your requirements too strict. For example, if someone doesn’t have a college degree but has several years of transferable experience, they may be an excellent fit for your team.


ATS is a Tool, Not an Authority

Applicant tracking systems are great tools that automate many administrative functions for hiring talent. However, it’s essential to know that these AI-assisted tools are not infallible. They also have inherent biases, so make sure you’re not using them as the authority to base your decisions. Let the system help take the pressure off, but use your discretion to make the final call.


Resume Gaps aren’t Necessarily Bad

There was a time when resumes featuring a year or more gap were tossed out as a possibility. We learned over the pandemic that job gaps aren’t always alarming, and we may be missing out on top talent by ruling them out. Someone who stays home to raise a family isn’t automatically disqualified from doing a good job. Someone laid off and took time before looking for their next opportunity might have a good reason.


Read Between the Lines

One skill you should develop as a hiring manager is to read between the lines. Not all resumes are cut and dry, and learning to extrapolate important information can lead to great talent. Consider the candidate as a complete person by evaluating how their background could benefit your organization. They might have a wide range of experience, a different way of thinking, or other traits that can be perfect for your company.


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