What Should You Wear To A Warehouse Interview in 2023?  

The age-old question: what do you wear to a warehouse interview? While warehouses are usually casual environments, with work typically done wearing boots and jeans, people always want to provide a great first impression. But do you go in the other direction and wear a suit? That also doesn’t feel quite right. What message do your clothes send when you walk in the door for an interview? Here are some ideas to help you when you’re getting ready next time.


Acceptable Wardrobe for Men

While more corporate environments still require suits or at least a button-down shirt and tie, warehouse environments aren’t the same. In most cases, you can dress down a little. You may want to avoid jeans, but you can choose dress pants or khakis without wearing a suit. Don’t wear t-shirts with graphics or writing. You can wear a button-down shirt if you’re comfortable with them or choose a more casual polo. Make sure these are clean and wrinkle-free.


Acceptable Wardrobe for Women

The wardrobe for women interviewing for warehouse positions is similar. You don’t need to wear a suit or a skirt if that makes you uncomfortable. Slacks or a skirt are appropriate. Depending on your comfort level, you can wear a blouse or a polo. Avoid too many accessories in a warehouse interview. You should also wear comfortable shoes suitable for a warehouse environment.


What Not To Wear

For anyone interviewing for a warehouse position, there are some things to avoid. They include:

  • Shirts with graphics or writing
  • Shorts
  • Open-toe shoes or sandals
  • Clothing with visible rips or tears
  • Wrinkled or stained clothing



Other Tips for Making a Good Impression

What you wear may be a part of your first impression, but it isn’t everything. There are other things your interviewer will be looking at as well. Always be on time for the interview. Bring your resume and any credentials you might need to show the hiring manager. Build up your confidence and present yourself with a positive attitude when you meet with your interviewer or are introduced to others in the building.


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