4 Math Skills You Will Need to Know to Boost Your Welding Career

It has probably already occurred to you, but if you’re seeking a career path in welding, math will be an essential component. However, it isn’t simply a one-and-done test of knowledge that will give you the advantage over your competition in the workplace. Constantly reviewing your math skills will be the one thing you can do to ensure your career can continue to flourish in shipbuilding. What math skills are most essential? Let’s take a closer look.

Decimals and fractions.

Everything about welding involves fractional math. The skill is essential for understanding blueprints and measurements. Take time to brush up on your math skills to include numbers both as a fraction and using decimal points. This will help you make precision cuts and excellent weld seams as you work.

Common algebra.

Many people thought they were completely done with algebra as soon as their high school diploma was in their hands. But in spite of our adolescent cries that we’ll never use this math, algebra has long-term implications. This is especially true for welders. It helps with the calculation of shapes and volumes that will be critical in your work.

All that geometry has to offer.

Pythagoras would be proud. This ancient Greek philosophers ideas about geometry affect every aspect of our lives, and that certainly goes for shipbuilding and design. As a welder, you will need to know how pieces fit together, and that’s where geometry fits in. Most importantly, geometry is about the use of specific tools such as a T-square and a compass.

Sines, cosines, and tangents.

Do these words sound scary? They shouldn’t if you’re a welder. Trigonometry is another skill that you may want to brush up on to improve your welding career. Welders will use this specific mathematic skill to calculate the potential strength of the physical weld.

Math, including geometry, algebra, and trigonometry, doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Weaving these skills into your career or your daily life should be second nature, especially if you decide to go into a field such as welding in a shipyard environment.

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