What To Wear To Your Shipyard Interview

So, you’re interviewing for a shipyard job. Whether it’s your first job in the industry or you’re a seasoned employee, you may be stressing out over what to wear to your interview. There is good news. There are a few rules worth following that can help you put your best foot forward when you’re meeting a new marine industry employee. Here is our advice.

  • Wear a Suit. It’s accepted practice in most industries that a suit is going to put forward your most polished persona for an interview. A suit conveys professionals and lets the interviewer know that you take them seriously. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose to wear a suit for an interview even in a fabrication environment like a shipyard.
  • Don’t Wear a Suit. On the flip side, there is also a school of thought that a suit is overdressed for this kind of interview. So, there are alternatives that will still convey the message that you’re serious about the job and want to impress a future employer. In any case, make sure the clothes you choose are in good repair and wrinkle free.
  • What Not to Wear. If you choose not to wear a suit, there are only a few rules to follow when it comes to clothes to avoid. Don’t wear jeans or t-shirts to an interview. Don’t wear too much cologne or perfume. And, for both men and women, keep accessories to a minimum. If you are in doubt at any point whether or not your chosen ensemble is appropriate, take a moment to reconsider.
  • Thrown a curveball. There is, of course, one major exception to any rule. And in the case of a job interview the biggest curveball you can be thrown is the request to dress casually for an interview. If you are given any specific instructions on how to dress, it’s important that you follow what they’ve said. In many cases, when these are expressed, the interviewer is trying to determine how well you’re able to follow directions.

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