How Paying Attention to the Details can Improve your Productivity

You certainly know that a big portion of your job within the shipyard is attention to detail. Without it, things can easily slip through the cracks. But how exactly can attention to detail help you improve your overall productivity on the job? This attention to detail isn’t just a concept, there are concrete steps you can take to help you work smarter and better. Here are some things to consider.

  • Create a plan. Step one to improving your productivity through attention to detail is to create a plan. Before you start any new projects, take a breather to assess the things you’ll need to do to accomplish the task. What is the final goal? And what steps do you need to take to reach it.
  • Make a list. From here, write down the individual tasks that make up everything that needs to be done before the project is complete. By writing it down, you’re creating accountability. You know exactly what each step is so you don’t miss any details. Plus, you can have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list when they’re complete.
  • Avoid distractions. Distraction is the enemy of attention. And to pay attention to detail, you need to be free of the distractions that want to pull you in a variety of other directions. If you can, create a space where you can work in isolation. Let coworkers know that you are focusing on a project and to not approach you until you’re finished. If you need to switch focus, take complete breaks from the current project and make a note of where you left off.
  • Stay on task. For as much as possible, make sure that you stay on task. Don’t move on to the next step of the process until you’ve completed the task you’re on and are satisfied by it’s results. When you bounce from step to step, you often lose focus and details.
  • Ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone. If you have a concern or a question about the project you’re working on or you feel stuck at any point, don’t wait to ask for help. Coworkers or management will be available to shed new light on the subject and help you see where things may need to be changed.

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