5 Most Important Benefits to Offer When Hiring

It’s important to provide a competitive pay rate for employees in your shipyard. But there are also benefits you should be offering to keep top talent. When you’re hiring, what can you offer an employee to ensure they will be engaged and interested in working with your shipyard rather than jumping to the competition? Here are the top five to consider.  


Health Insurance 

Working in a shipyard is a physically demanding job. It’s important for anyone within a fabrication or manufacturing environment to offer health insurance to their permanent employees. The insurance you choose will be influenced by a number of factors.  

Contact an expert in workplace insurance to provide the best possible health coverage for your shipyard staff.  

Life and Disability 

Workers in highrisk environments also want to know they’re covered by life and disability insurance. While you will focus much of your energy on the reinforcement of safety, you also want to give your team peace of mind.  

They want to know they’ll be taken care of if an accident happens, and their family is safe if the unspeakable happens.  

Flexible Shifts 

big trend in many workplaces is a flexible schedule. You may think this is only possible in office environments, but many manufacturing and fabrication companies have successfully incorporated flexibility into their work model.  

For example, rather than offering only two shifts, consider offering multiple shifts with overlap. You will always have someone working, but you can give your team better control over their time away from work.  

Tuition Reimbursement 

Continuing education is also a great benefit for many shipyard employees. Maybe they want to move from a welding position to a pipefitting position but need additional training to move forward in their careers.  

Providing reimbursement for their education can keep them actively engaged with their job and loyal to you as an employer.  

Additional Perks 

There are also other smaller perks that can make your employees happier on the job. For example, providing water and healthy snacks can encourage your team to take health and hydration seriously.  

Other perks, like gym memberships or additional PTO days are also common and have proven to encourage employee loyalty.  

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