5 Tips to Manage an Overtly Arrogant Employee

Most managers can share this experience; you have an employee in your shipyard who believes they know all the answers. You can’t tell them what to do or how to do it because they’re convinced, they know better than you. And while you should certainly trust your employees to do the job you’ve hired them for, there are reasons they need to pay attention and follow directions. What can you do with an arrogant employee who always thinks they’re right? Here are some management tips to help.  


Talk About Their Attitude 

Attitude goes a long way in the workplace. When that attitude is negative, it can affect everyone. If that attitude is arrogant, it can become downright dangerous for the people working near and with the employee. It’s important you bring it to their attention. They may not realize what they’re doing is affecting anyone else.  

Make a Plan 

When they need to make adjustments to their work performance, it’s important to make a plan. Once you’ve alerted them that their arrogant attitude is not working out, talk to them about how they can improve their contributions and follow directions better.  

Be Clear About Consequences 

Your employees also need to know there are consequences to their actions. If they are obstinate that their arrogance is not a factor, they may be resistant to change. What happens when they continue to engage in these negative behaviors? They need to know from the first warning up to termination what will happen.  

Track Progress 

While they’re working on improving their performance and attitude, be sure to track their progress. This, of course, helps you see how they’re doing and help you determine if you need to take action. It also helps your employee. If they see positive results in their change of attitude, they are more likely to continue with it.  

Meet Regularly 

To do this, you should also meet with them regularly to give them feedback on how they’re progressing. You also need to be open to their feedback in these meetings. Sometimes arrogance covers up a multitude of other feelings and you need to give your employee a safe space to discuss their challenges and concerns with you.  


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