Do You Have the Right Skills to Work in a Shipyard?

Have you thought about working within a shipyard environment? There are a lot of potential jobs within a shipyard, but you need to bring specific skills to the table. Do you think you have what it takes to work in the marine industry? Here are a few things you need to know before applying for your next shipyard job along the Gulf Coast.  


Critical Thinking 

There are a lot of things you’ll be responsible for in a shipyard. What’s important is that you have the critical thinking skills to prioritize and work efficiently. You may also need to solve problems as they arise. Knowing how to apply your problem-solving skills in the best way will help you go far in a shipyard role.  

Math Skills 

Working in a shipyard will also require math skills. Basic mathematics, measuring and geometry are key, but even more advanced math will help you have an advantage over your competition. It’s helpful to have a background in calculus and algebra when working with blueprints and shipbuilding.  

Reading Comprehension  

Understanding written directions will also be a critical part of your shipyard career. It’s not just about your reading skills, but your overall ability to comprehend these written directions. As with most of these, you can work to improve these skills on your own.  

Manufacturing or Fabrication  

Of course, it’s important you bring the essential skills to the table. Manufacturing and fabrication are the cornerstone of the shipbuilding industry, so having a background in these fields will help you go far. You can gain these skills through other positions, so if you’ve already had this background now may be a good time to transition to a shipyard career.  

Trades Skills 

Beyond general manufacturing, another option for shipyard jobs are more dedicated trades. For example, shipyards always need skilled welders, electricians and pipefitters. There are other specialized positions that are also in demand for shipyard environments that can help you enter the field.  

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