This is How You Can Cut Down Your Resume Screening Time

Cut Down Resume Screening Time

When you’re in the process of hiring, you can spend hours reading the resumes that come across your desk, application portal, or email. Not every resume will be a match, so you waste a lot of time screening resumes out rather than choosing the best ones. How can you cut down on your resume screening time and make the process more efficient? Here are some inside tricks on how to make this process go faster and get great results.


Look for Minimum Qualifications

Step one is to scan each resume for the minimum qualifications necessary to do the job. For example, if you need a welder set aside anyone who has the minimum years of experience as a welder. Do you need to have them understand the difference between MIG and Arc welding? Keep that in mind as well. Don’t dig any deeper than that when you start, just set them aside. When you have a stack of resumes, move to the next phase.


Filter With Preferred Qualifications

The next step is to re-review the resumes you set aside with the minimum experience. Now you can drill down to the preferred experience. Look to see if they have experience in the marine industry or other related skills that can benefit your shipyard. Are there candidates in your pile that have something unique to bring to the table or a skill you were hopeful for but uncertain you could find? Set those in another stack.


Make a Short List of Candidates

Now you have a smaller group of resumes. From here, you can make your shortlist. Look at the candidates for the complete picture and determine the reasons why you would call them. Try to narrow it down to about ten candidates for the initial phone call. These calls only need to take a few minutes so you can hear directly from the candidates before deciding the next step. Once the calls are done, you can establish a top 3 or 5 to bring in for interviews.

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