Early Is On Time: Correcting The Chronically Late Employee

Early is on time

Do you have a problem with employees arriving to work late? We all know that employee tardiness is a significant problem in terms of productivity and the morale of your other team members. Someone arriving late can impact the quality and quantity of work completed each day. What can you do to correct the behavior of a chronically late employee? Here’s how to teach your shipyard workers that early is actually on time.  

Use a Time Clock 

The most effective way to understand if everyone is arriving on time is to use a time clock. Today’s time clocks are much more advanced than the old school punch cards. Digital time clocks that can be set up on a tablet in kiosk mode will allow you to get a time stamp on everyone that comes into your shipyard. This is the easiest way to determine if late employees are repeat offenders.  

Be Consistent About the Rules 

You must enforce the rules with complete consistency. When chronically late employees feel like they can take an inch, they will. Frequently communicate expectations and reinforce them with your entire staff and be sure to talk to everyone that exceeds their allotment of late days. When you bend the rules for some employees, the rest of your team will become frustrated.  

Require Communication  

You can also require that your employees call you directly at any time they are going to be late. People with a legitimate reason will only do this from time to time. Those who are chronically late will find it frustrating to call. If they don’t call to let you know and arrive late, there needs to be an enforcement of the consequences.  

Communication the Consequences  

As with the rules and communication, you need to be consistent with the consequences. Make sure you’re communicating this with your team regularly and reinforce the policy when necessary. Don’t give people additional chances beyond the stated terms. It’s important that you set the policies and enforce them to encourage chronically late employees to arrive on time.  

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