Dress For The Job You Want: What Is The Proper Attire For An Industrial Job Interview?

There is a lot of information about what to wear to an interview when you’re going for an office job or a professional role. But what is the proper dress code for an industrial or manufacturing job interview? Many people would still advise wearing a suit, but that can be the wrong advice altogether. Here is why you shouldn’t follow that rule and what you should wear instead.  

Why Not a Suit?  

Has anyone ever told you that you need to wear a suit to any interviews regardless of the job or environment? Many people think that formal is the best option to make a good impression, and for many industries it is. But warehouse, manufacturing, and other fabrication jobs, it may not be the best bet. You may appear out of touch or even trying too hard. 

Look for Clues or Simply Ask 

So, what should you wear? The best option is to look for clues where you can. It’ll be challenging to do that before you get to an interview, but there may be some places you don’t consider looking for clues. For example, look at the company website. Are there photos of the shipyard managers? What are they wearing? If you can’t find evidence, ask what they recommend when you set up the interview.  

Keep It Simple 

The best rule of thumb for your shipyard interview is to keep it simple. Make sure you’re neat and clean, and your clothes are in good repair. Most people will choose khakis or clean jeans with a casual button-down shirt or polo, men or women. Avoid a lot of accessories and skip any sort of scents like cologne or perfume.  

Be Impressive 

Much more important than the clothes you wear to your shipyard interview is how you present yourself. Impress the interviewer with your positive body language, your experience, and your ability to talk about the specific skills you bring to the table. Tell them why you want to work specifically with their shipyard. Be personable and friendly but maintain a professional tone.  

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