Fit To Work: 6 Ways a Health and Wellness Program Can Boost Productivity

wellness at work

Have you considered adding a wellness program to your shipyard? Providing tools for your staff to make smarter and healthier choices can benefit both the individuals and your company as well. There is plenty of evidence to support the use of wellness initiatives to improve engagement and productivity. When used in conjunction with other types of motivation, it can improve retention and performance on the job. Before you implement a wellness program, here are just 6 ways it can help boost productivity in your shipyard.  

Give Employees What They Need 

When you begin the process, go to the sourceTalk to your employees about what they need and want to see in a wellness program. When everyone feels like they’ve been a part of the process of creating a program, there is ownership and more participation.   

Make Participation Fun  

Mandatory wellness initiatives rarely work, and it can backfire quickly. Don’t make this a chore, make participation fun.  Figure out how to balance their participation and potential distractions so people can use the skills they gain to improve their productivity.   

Track Results 

Participation and success of the program will depend on the results your team sees. Track how they succeed. Make it competitive, collaborative, or individual based on the personalities of your employees and the way it impacts your overall environment.  

Improve Safety  

In your shipyard, everything you do should be in the interest of safety. There can be a lot of overlap with safety and wellness initiatives. Integrate it with the awareness of hazards, illnesses, and even mental wellbeing to improve performance.  

Encourage Loyalty 

Providing the right wellness program not only increases productivity, but it places a value on employee loyalty. Happy, engaged employees are loyal employees, and you’ll see less turnover in roles. By listening to your employees’ needs and providing value, you improve their loyalty.  

Provide Incentives  

Finally, to encourage participation, it’s essential to provide incentives. What will encourage someone to take advantage of the health initiatives that you’ve established in your wellness program? Don’t just measure success but reward it. 

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