You’re Highly Skilled, But Here’s Why You Should Work with a Recruiter

Highly Skilled Work With Recruiter

Sure, you’re confident in your abilities. But confidence isn’t all it takes to land a job. Even if you’re highly skilled with years of experience on your side, that doesn’t mean it’ll be automatically easy. Why not give yourself the best possible opportunity? Working with a recruiter can give you the boost you need to find the best job for your career advancement. Here’s why.

Recruiters Have an Inside Track

Recruiters are trained professionals at job placements. They have an inside track when it comes to their clients and will know of opportunities long before they’re pushed to the general public. You can take advantage of that and be at the frontlines as soon as positions become available if you work with a recruiter.

A Recruiter Can Prepare You for an Interview

Your recruiting partner will also know what their client is looking for. They reached out to you because you have the skills and abilities they need, but they can also coach you to sell yourself the right way in the interview. They can give you the inside scoop on what the employer wants to hear that is consistent with your background. This can give you the leg up to land the job.

You’ll Have Less Competition for the Job

When you submit your resume to an online job posting you may be one of over a hundred resumes. That means your chance of getting a call back is relatively slim. But if you partner with a recruiter, they are only submitting the top 3 to 5 candidates for every open job. You will have a much better chance of landing that job offer when competing against fewer people.

You Don’t Need to Negotiate Salary on Your Own

Salary negotiations are often the most complicated part of any job offer. You know what you’re worth, but will the company see it that way? Your recruiter will go to bat for you. They can handle all of the salary negotiations for you. And if you think you’ll be paid less because a recruiter is representing you, that’s not true. Staffing agencies are generally paid based on a percentage of your salary, so it’s in their best interest to get you the best offer.

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