Are You a Woman Contemplating a Career in the Shipyard? 3 Reasons You Should!

Many fields, especially in manufacturing, are perceived as being dominated by men. We understand that the marine industry may be one of them, but that hasn’t always been the case. It also means the door is open right now for more women to enter the marine workforce. Shipyards are exciting environments for women looking for hands-on experience in the industry. If you’re considering a career in shipbuilding, here are a few reasons to consider applying for shipyard positions.

A Long History of Women in Marine Industries

Did you know that women have always been a part of the shipbuilding industry? As far back as World War I, women worked in shipyards that supplied ships to the US military efforts in Europe. The Oregon History Project has documented women’s contribution during the second world war, including in shipbuilding. As a woman interested in the shipbuilding field, you will be a part of that professional legacy.

Increased Diversity Hiring Programs

There is a movement in the workforce across the country to ensure that companies provide more equitable employment opportunities to multiple demographics of people. Within the shipbuilding industry, which people have viewed as male-dominated, skilled women’s opportunities are becoming more available. Take this time to apply and be seen by employers.

Better Representation Within the Industry

In a world where representation matters, time is ripe to be counted among professionals in the industry. Increased representation at all shipbuilding levels helps show that the marine industry is part of the evolving world and improves customer visibility. You can see that you are a part of making major changes in our society for the better.

A Drive to Do More

If these three reasons aren’t enough to convince you that the time to apply is now, let us be explicit. Hutco is currently seeking women for open positions in shipyards throughout the area. Apply now. Our clients are looking for hard-working employees for all aspects of shipbuilding.

Do you want to grow in a career in the marine industry?

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