Work Experience that is Essential to Grow in Your Pipe Fitting Career

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Pipe fitting is a rewarding career and one in high demand in the shipbuilding industry. What work experience do you need to advance your pipe fitting career? It’s important to know what’s necessary for growing your skills and taking your shipyard career to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the skills and experience to bring to the table.

1. Knowledge of System Operations

Pipefitters work in a variety of industries, but what most shipyards are looking for is someone with previous experience in a marine environment or the potential to succeed in a shipyard. Making critical connections about how and where things need to go and knowledge of systems operations will be key.

2. Pipe, Tube, and Fitting Fabrication

A big portion of the job will be the fabrication of specialized pipes and parts to work within small spaces in a ship. Understanding fabrication will be as important as the knowledge of installation you bring with you. Fabrication may involve the use of machines or specialized tools.

3. Advanced Math Skills

Much of the job is also about calculations that include special relations, three dimensions, and geometry. The role also makes use of algebra and other forms of mathematics. An education based on math will be very beneficial for success in this role.

4. Understanding of Blueprints

Pipefitting is also about using the space available in the most efficient way. That’s why understanding blueprints will be critical. Ships can vary in size and configuration, which means you will have to be able to read the plans and use them to install the fittings.

5. Master Level Use of Tools

Experts in pipefitting will also have knowledge of the tools of the trade. Tools used include:

  • Welder’s gauge
  • Pipefitter’s square
  • Fitter grips
  • Centering head
  • Flange aligners
  • Pipe wraps

Pipefitting is a rewarding, long-term career where you can work in exciting environments such as shipyards. Understanding the requirements and talking with professionals who place people will pipefitting experience is the best next step to advance your marine industry career.

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