Why You Should Be Considering a Career in Maritime in 2022

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The last two years have been stressful. Many people found themselves out of work, both involuntarily and as a part of The Great Resignation. If you’re looking for a rewarding and in-demand career, consider working in the Maritime industry. There are many ways to gain experience, but opportunities for an exciting career will be open to you once you do. Here are some of the reasons working in a shipyard environment will be ideal in the coming year.

Higher Starting Pay

Compared to other industrial, manufacturing, or fabricating positions, the maritime industry pays more money even for entry-level roles. As you work your way up with more specialized positions, they can make even more. Pay rates depending on the job and experience can be anywhere between $25,000 and $90,000 annually.

Opportunities for Advancement

Once you have experience within a shipyard, the opportunities for advancement are limitless. Shipyard experience will go a long way to help you get to the next stage of your career with jobs available in welding, pipefitting, fabrication, and much more.

Work that Matters

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your work has a direct and tangible impact on the world? Building ships is a necessary process, and it affects cargo shipping, the military, and so much more. When you do work you genuinely care about, you’ll find satisfaction in your career now and in the future.

Adventure and Outdoor Experiences

Another compelling reason to consider a maritime position is the adventure. Your job can take you anywhere, and you have the ability to touch an industry that has a worldwide impact. You will be able to work outdoors and do new things every day.

In-Demand Experience

Once you’ve gained experience in a shipyard, your skill will quickly become in demand. Due to the specialized nature of roles fabricating and building ships, shipyards all over the country are looking for top talent to recruit for full-time positions and projects.

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