Do You Need a Job Mobility Program?

According to recent data, the number one reason people leave their jobs is a lack of career development. In the wake of the pandemic, a significant turnover tsunami is happening across all industries, so what can companies do to solve that problem. The concept, also called career mobility, is the movement of employees across positions, often resulting in promotions and advancement. Job mobility may be the clear answer that means more career development within an organization.

Let’s take a closer look.

Employee Retention

A concern for companies is The Great Resignation, as people at all levels are leaving current jobs for new positions. Many factors are causing this mass exodus from American companies, but some reasons include low pay, long hours, or a lack of career satisfaction. By providing a job mobility program, you can encourage people to develop professionally and keep them engaged in your company.


It is always a better financial investment to train current employees for higher-level jobs and replace the entry-level positions with new employees. This concept is called “upskilling.” Rather than sourcing specific qualifications, invest in training programs to teach your current team how to handle new technologies on the job. They will see this as an investment in their future and an investment in the company itself.

Internal Mobility

People don’t want to feel stuck. And it can be easy to fall into a rut. If your company cannot provide internal mobility, your top talent will seek out new opportunities elsewhere. Make sure that you are making your employee’s the priority and keeping them engaged by offering mobility throughout the company.

Career Satisfaction

It can also be helpful to take your employees’ interests into account when looking at new opportunities within your organization. Play to their strengths and give them the chance to learn the things they want while they’re working with you. Job mobility needs to be a two-way street that appeals to everyone for the program to work.


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