How to Ensure Unbiased Hiring

Managers don’t want to admit that they bring biased thinking to hiring decisions. The real problem is that most of this bias is unconscious. Leaders don’t intentionally make these choices, but they can have long-lasting effects on the workplace culture. Unconscious bias is making decisions on factors that don’t appear discriminatory, but it may not be that cut and dry. To avoid hiring biases, there are some things you can do.


Create Processes to Avoid Wrong Comparisons

The candidate experience is part of your positive hiring process. Employees form their opinions about your company from the beginning, including how easy it is to complete an online application. During the interview process, you want to create a standard form so each employee is asked the same types of questions so you can compare apples to apples when making a final decision.


Understand Culture Fit and Culture Add

Cultural fit is a popular buzzword, but sometimes it can be used negatively. When companies only hire people who all think and act the same, you’re not only avoiding hiring diverse candidates, but you’re missing out on essential viewpoints. Instead, focus on culture add. What does your team not currently have that could improve performance and innovation?


Use Skills Testing

In highly technical positions, such as those within a shipyard environment, it’s essential to verify that individuals have the necessary skills for the job. Conducting skills testing in measurements, math, welding, and other skills is one way to make hiring less biased.


Make DEI Natural

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are big topics of conversation, but these must be part of the fabric of your organization. You don’t want to make hires to check diversity boxes. You want to bring people on board who will positively affect your corporate culture and bring new representation to positions throughout your business.

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