Employee Feedback is Essential to the Health of Your Shipyard: Here’s Why

employee feedback

Did you know employee feedback is an essential part of your shipyard’s success? There are many reasons why employee feedback is important for your company and team’s health, and it greatly benefits your business. So what do you need to know about employee feedback, and how do you incorporate it into your shipyard culture.


Improve Employee Retention

When employees feel as if they have a say in the company’s direction or the work that’s being done, they are more likely to remain loyal. Relationships should be a give and take, so when someone doesn’t feel heard, they will generally seek career satisfaction from another source. By creating an environment where employee feedback is encouraged and, more importantly, acted upon, you build strong relationships with your staff.


Positively Impacts Management Relationships

For that very reason, it also enhances the one-on-one management relationships with staff. Employees won’t feel as though they are being commanded or simply expected to do something. They will be involved with the decision-making process and see management as a partner, not an overseer. Managers will also understand feedback in real-time and can make changes immediately that will see a positive impact.


Feedback Fosters Communication

Communication, as we mentioned, is a two-way street. It’s not just about getting the message to the employees; it’s about seeing how your workers feel. You want to know if your employees are happy or frustrated with their work they’re doing. Without this level of feedback, problems may fester for a while without resolution. That’s when people seek other opportunities.


Update Employee Policies

Encouraging employee feedback is also practical. Employee policies should work for your staff. If they’re not working, they should be revisited and revised. When you ask for employee feedback, you have an opportunity to make real change that will impact your employees immediately and positively. It also gives your team a chance to see their ideas in action and have a voice in the company.


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