The Importance Of Clear Performance Expectations

Communication is critical between management and teams. A lack of clear performance expectations often contributes to employee dissatisfaction at work. In studies where employees were asked what makes a bad boss, it was indicated that unclear direction impacted their perception. Here is why clear performance expectations are so important and how to do better for your team.


Understanding Shared Goals

The first step in clear communication is to emphasize your company’s and your employees’ shared goals. Without an understanding of the big picture, it can be challenging to determine how the pieces fit together. If your team sees how their work impacts the entire organization’s success, it can be much easier to contextualize everything.


Creating and Delegating Tasks

Part of the role of management is to successfully delegate tasks to skilled employees and evaluate the results. Without clear communication, when these tasks are assigned, they may not be carried out as required. It’s essential when determining and delegating these tasks that you’re able to communicate your vision.


Demonstrating That the Company Cares

Of course, clear communication isn’t just about giving direction or discussing goals. Effective communication demonstrates to your team that the company cares about their safety and well-being. Establishing a line of communication specifically about safety conditions in the workplace and an avenue to bring up concerns is paramount to your success.


Showing Consistency in Support

Your ability to communicate also demonstrates your support for your team. Your employees want to know that you have their back. When you provide instructions for the work, they want consistency in how you handle problems and processes. You are on their team, and you need to express that to them in your words and actions.


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