How to Stand Out when Competing for Top Talent

It’s a job seekers market. Even with all the other economic factors we’re facing, there are still more open jobs than talent to fill them. So how do you stand out as an employer when hiring employees for your business? It’s not as easy as posting jobs online and seeing what you get. Here are some tips to be more competitive for talent.


Review Your Benefits

To be competitive today, you need to make sure your employer benefits are things candidates really want. You will want to evaluate your health insurance package to see how affordable it is and how much it covers. But you also want to include other benefits like a robust PTO package, work-from-home options for some positions, and more.


Offer Flexibility

Along with a good PTO package, you want to offer some level of flexibility. Today, many people are juggling work and home commitments, so a bit of grace goes a long way. Don’t penalize people for taking a couple of hours off for a doctor’s appointment. Offer flexible start or end times to coordinate with school schedules.


Promote Why You’re Different

To stand out from the crowd, you need to share all the reasons why. What makes you different from the countless other employers in your specific industry? Creating a positive candidate experience, improving communication, and building your reputation through social media will help promote why you should be the employer of choice.


Be Transparent about Pay

Finally, we live in an era where we must be entirely upfront about salary. Your wages should be appropriate for the skill level and location. You also should never base incoming pay on what the employee previously made. Publish the salary range in your job postings to be transparent.


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