Why You Should Be Regularly Updating Your Resume

Is it time to update your resume? Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, you can make your life more difficult if you’re not regularly updating your resume. Imagine when the time comes to find a new job, your resume is several years out of date, and you must remember all the things you need to add. Instead, treat your resume like a living document and update it often. Here are some reasons why you should proactively update your resume.


Opportunity Knocks

You never know when an opportunity is going to find you. Companies often recruit a category of candidates known as passive job seekers. If you are contacted by a company interested in your background, it will benefit you to have a resume to submit.


Performance Reviews

There are career benefits to updating your resume as well. Suppose you consider your resume a living document that you regularly update with your accomplishments. In that case, you can use it during performance reviews to showcase your contributions and successes on the job. This could lead to a better performance evaluation and raise.


Career Planning

Updating your resume shows you if you’re on track with your career. Where were you five years ago? Compared to your expectations, how do you see your career now? Are you on the right path? Could you make career changes that will move you in the right direction?


Ready for the Unexpected

No one wants to think about a layoff or being fired. But it can happen, even to the best of us, for reasons beyond our control. When it does, having an updated resume will take some of the stress off the situation.


Saves Time

If you only update your resume between jobs, imagine how much time that will take. If you’ve been working for a year or ten years, it can take forever to add new information, and you may have forgotten some critical details. Updating regularly becomes a habit, and you’ll always have the most recent information.


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